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    Solar power for everyone: a dream that turns into reality for millions of people in Africa!

What’s upOwa?

Because today the technology is available and doesn't reach the people in need.

upOwa empowers local off-the-grid West and Central African communities through access to electricity. Thanks to technology improvements, innovative distribution channels and tailored financing options, we can reach the most remote communities.

upOwa focuses on community capacity building and training through a strong distribution network in order to offer energy access for all. The huge potential of social and economic change drives us to lead a sustainable business.
We believe sustainably home-produced clean energy empowers isolated people worldwide to get a grip on their future.
We develop innovative sustainable solutions to power up off-the-grid communities and we bring them to developing countries in West and Central Africa.


"A winner is a dreamer who never gives up" Nelson Mandela

What we do?

Proprietary Technology

We have developed our own solution to remotely produce clean energy, such as electricity with solar kits. upOwa offers high-quality solar systems built by Africans for Africa, along with associated training and lifetime maintenance.

Our products are developed in a close relationship with our world-class partners.

Tailored Distribution

Our impact is made possible and magnified by local and regional partners such as NGOs, authorities, governments and industrial companies. Our innovative distribution relies on local networks and mobile sales teams on the ground.

From our advisers to our fellOws in the communities, we are all just one team.

Sustainable development

upOwa's innovative pay-as-you-go schemes allow isolated communities to escape from the vicious circle of energy poverty. Training programs and local hires help make the most of this renewable human resource on the long run.

May it be on your own or with your organization, you can help us power this people now.

"If there are dreams about a beautiful South Africa, there are also roads that lead to their goal" Nelson Mandela

Our Impact

Change life

upOwa allows outlying societies to access to modern energy hence to telecommunications. Our solar system charges cell phones and above all brings light to the darkest off-the-grid villages.

Foster Education

Access to electricity translates into tremendous daily life improvements such as fostering education. With upOwa devices, light becomes available at night and children have more time to study after school for instance.

Improve Health

Using kerosene and candles for lightning produces toxic fumes that lead to accidental fires and respiratory health issues. upOwa solar kits thus reduce health hazards for the ones who have to keep being active at night.
"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world" "Money won't create success, the freedom to make it will." Nelson Mandela

Our Team

Kilien de RENTY

CEO & co-Founder

Business developer, market analyst and former technology transfer officer at CEA Tech. He has received a M.Eng in “Energy systems and associated markets” from Grenoble IT (France) before studying International Finance, Project Management and Business Administration in the US.

Jean-Pierre Viaut

Electronic Engineer & Energy System Designer

His experience in the field of energy and electrical clearances allow Jean-Pierre to respond to many needs both in training and in the design of energy systems. Jean-Pierre offers his expertise to NGOs for their rural electrification missions in West Af-rica and Madagascar. Designer of energy systems, he is particularly interested in topics such as economic empowerment, education, environment, health, the fight against poverty as well as science and technology.

Guy Noutam

Technical Manager

Guy is currently in the last year of his Master’s degree specialized in energy engineering at ENSET of Douala, in Cameroun. Before that, he worked several years as an electronic engineer for various missions in the fields of rural electrification or electronic security. Through his experiences and thanks to his passion for renewable energy, Guy gathered the set of skills and the knowledge required to be upOwa’s technical manager.

Freddy Tsague

Intern in Technical Development

Freddy is an electrical engineer from the Bandjoun Institut of Technology in Cameroon. Along his studies and since he graduated, he gathered various experiences in the field of electrical production and distribution, including from solar energy. As an technician in upOwa’s technical team, Freddy is in charge of improving, installing and maintaining our solar home systems.

Colas Mauloubier

Intern in Market studies and impact evaluation

Passionate about sustainable development and energy-related social issues, Colas is completing a transdiscplinary master’s degree at SciencesPo Grenoble and Grenoble Institute of Technology. Colas has various missions at upOwa. He is in charge of social network communications, carries market studies and impact evaluation of the project as well as he sets ground for upOwa’s future professional training program.


CMO & co-Founder

Private sector development analyst specialized in access to electricity (Doing Business report covering Africa and Latin America at the World Bank). Previously she worked on energy policy at the French Embassy in Washington, DC. She has received a M.Eng in Energy and Science from Supélec (France).

Rodrigue Njountsop

Software Engineer

Passionate about software development and computer graphics, Rodrigue studied electrical engineering before developing his passion for software engineering at the African Institute of Computer in Cameroon. This engineer of computer work has developed applications on many plat-forms before specializing in webapps. His expertise in graphics computer gives to his applications a good ergonomy and an unrivaled usability. Rodrigue thinks everyone should have access to energy. This is why he decided to develop applications that will affect the field of renewable energy.

Loïc Riedi

Intern in Technical Development

After 4 years of work-linked training as a specialist of automatic systems, Loïc went back to school at Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (Switzerland) - where he enrolled in a master’s degree in micro-technology. Through this program, he specializes in applied optics and feeds his passion for PV systems. From Switzerland, Loïc actively collaborates with R&D teams in Cameroon and in France for the conception and development of the next version of our PAYG solar home systems.

Vanessa Ngansop

Intern in Technical Development

Vanessa has graduated from the High Institute of the Sahel at University of Maroua. She is an amazing engineer specialized in renewable energy and her passion for sustainable energy management drove her to upOwa. Vanessa joined our technical team and is now in charge of improving, installing and maintaining our solar home systems.

    Maxime FORSTER


    Maxime worked on multiple industrial R&D projects worldwide in solar cell and module manufacturing, before concentrating his efforts on the development and distribution of pay-as-you-go solar products in off-grid Tanzania, as the Technical Manager of EGG-Energy. He holds a MEng in Materials Engineering from Insa de Lyon and a PhD in Engineering from the Australian National University.

    Gézabelle Kamga

    Customer & Commercial Manager

    Gezabelle is our customer and commercial manager. She graduated from the IUT of Douala and holds a professional license in communication,nnegotiation and sales. At upOwa, she ensures business development andncustomers relations since september 2015. For her :« upOwa does a wonderful job because there are many who hoped to have light in their homes and have it today thanks to upOwa ».

    Sophie Nkouaga

    Intern in Technical Development

    Passionate engineer in energy engineering, Sophie graduated from 2iE Institute in Burkina Faso. Determined to see her work improving living conditions of rural populations, she joined our technical team as an technician and is now in charge of improving, installing and maintaining our solar home systems.

    Grégoire Jacquot

    Intern in Business Development

    Gregoire is completing his Master's degree in Innovation & Public Affairs at the Ecole des Mines de Paris. Passionate about Africa's twenty-first century development challenges with a strong focus on energy access, he supported the development of an executive education program in Morocco and developed in-depth analyses on energy access policies and the implementation of pay-as-you-go solar technologies in Sub-Saharan Africa.

    Jeroen Gillis

    Intern in Software Development

    Jeroen grew a passion for renewable energies and electrical storage systems during his bachelor of electronical and computer engineering at KU Leuven in Belgium. To pursue his interests he started a master within the EIT KIC InnoEnergy program, focusing on intelligent energy networks and electrical systems at KTH Stockholm. Jeroen now finishes his master at INP Grenoble, specializing in energy storage. He joined upOwa's technical team to program micro-controllers and improve upOwa’s technology.

    Scientific Board

    Eunika Mercier-Laurent

    Eunika Mercier-Laurent is an associate researcher at the IEA Lyon and Professor of Knowledge Innovation at EPITA and INSA Bourges. Her research include knowledge management and innovation, techniques and methods of innovation, knowledge discovery techniques and solving complex problems. She has a good expertise in setting up multidisciplinary projects and has an excellent experience of implementation of European projects. She is an expert with the national and European institutions and author of over one hundred publications findable all over the world.

    Marc Daumas

    Marc is a Professor at the University of Perpignan in PROMES laboratory that operates the 10,000-sun solar furnace in Odeillo and rekindles Themis solar power plant in Targassonne. His first achievements were in Mathematics and in Computer Science but he is now mostly involved in broad nationwide initiatives. He was for example detailed for two years to the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research in Paris to work on the Crédit d'impact Recherche (CIR), a $ 6 billion fiscal incentive to support research and development in the French industry.

    Frédérik Thiery

    Frederik THIERY obtained his Scientific Doctorate in Automatic Engineering in 2006 at the University of Perpignan. Lecturer since 2007 at the Laboratory PROMES in research activities concerning the field of control , diagnosis and su-pervision for systems management in renewable energy (RE) .Frederik works in measurement methods to renewables energy, from modeling to ordering systems. He is currently responsible of the teaching license for Engineering Sciences (EEA field, and domain of Energies and Materials) UPVD and also responsible of inter-national relations in the Department "Energy - Renewable Energy " of the engi-neering school Polytech'Montpellier in Perpignan.

    Yves Maréchal

    Yves is Professor at Grenoble Institute of Technology. Being trained as an electrical engineer, he was awarded a PhD on the numerical simulation, models and methods for electromagnetic field computation in 1991. He was formerly at the heading the "modeling and CAD in electromagnetism" team. In 2007 he became deputy director of the Grenoble electrical engineering research laboratory. He had headed the Carnot Institute "Energies of the future" which gathers all research activities on the Grenoble region in the field of new technologies of energy for 7 years since 2007. He is currently heading the Grenoble INP Ense3 engineering school, which trains high-level engineers able to take up the challenges associated with energy, water, and sustainable development. He has published more than 60 papers in scientific journals and 110 communications in conferences



    "A good head and a good heart are always a formidable combination" Nelson Mandela

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